I posted a quick recap of our wedding exactly 4 weeks after the fact, so I’m going to continue that with our trip to Australia. The posts are listed chronologically on our Honeymoon page, so please start there. This post covers Wednesday, October 19 through Friday, October 21.

On Wednesday, we went to Tangalooma on Moreton Island to relax on the beach and feed the dolphins.

Moreton Island is the world’s third largest sand island (the top 2 are also in Queensland) and most of the island is covered in a thin layer of vegetation. On Thursday morning, we took a “desert safari” tour out to an area where you can climb an enormous sand dune and slide back down on a waxed piece of plywood they generously call a toboggan. It’s great fun, but I wound up with pockets full of sand.

Wendy got part of the action on video, but it suffered some glitches because the camera was still so new and unfamiliar. This was my last run down the dune and it was too exhausting to climb all the way back up for another take.

In the afternoon, we went on a whale watching cruise to the north end of the island. We took many photos of humpbacks and dolphins, but unfortunately our photography skills weren’t good enough to properly capture the spectacle.

We stopped by the kookaburra feeding when we got back, then spent the remainder of the day at the beach. The sunset was incredible.

Friday was pretty packed. We started the day by climbing to the top of the hill behind the resort to check out the view. The houses at the top of the hill are some of the limited development allowed on Moreton Island and are presumably vacation properties.

We then went snorkeling along the man-made reef, where we saw thousands of fish and two wobbegong sharks. Some other people on our boat saw turtles, but we missed them. Cassie and Kate had called the hotel earlier to arrange beach-side massages for us, so that was our next stop.

That evening, we took a bottle of champagne down to the beach and enjoyed the sunset.

On Saturday morning, we caught the ferry back to Brisbane.