Wendy and Tim are adopting….a poodle!

Tim and I have always wanted to get a dog. I really wanted a German Shepherd but Tim insisted on getting a Standard Poodle. Can you believe that?! Of course not, because it was the other way around. So Tim, as the good fiance that he is, let me get a Standard Poodle. I have always loved them. Not sure why. I think it started as an ironic love affair and then turned into something real. So I looked online and found some breeders. Our breeder is named Laury and she is very passionate about poodles.
She invited us out to meet a very pregnant Kola but she gave birth to her healthy litter of 7 before we managed to make it out to Port Coquitlam. So we went out on the puppies 4th day and fell hard for the black girl with the pink collar.
We knew she was our girl right away and spent the afternoon discussing names but couldn’t come up with anything fitting. Our friend Michal suggested MIPS and it kind of stuck. Mipsy it is!

Mama Kola with her pups at 2 weeks old

We are heading out to the burbs this weekend to go visit our furry friend so we will have plenty of cute photos to post after Easter. Here is one that Laury just sent me. She has quadrupled in size since her birth 2 weeks ago. Amazing! She was about 300g at birth so now weighs about 1.2kg. Tim likes to say she was no bigger than a sweet potato when we met her.

Mipsy! Looking sleepy at 2 weeks. Her eyes are finally open.

My sister suggested that I blog about our adventures as dog owners so that my nephew Josh can read it. I think she just really wants to see the updates herself and that’s ok too.

Happy Easter!